hello! i am Godriguez (a.k.a. mark rodriguez) and i am a Florida based artist that creates unique custom artwork in many different disciplines of art, from photography to woodworking to 3D printing and beyond. 

though predominantly known for my self portraiture photography, i have begun to expand my artistic endeavors to include many different genres of art that have always intrigued me and i have reached a place in my life that i can finally create them and make them available to others to also enjoy

i try to take a different look at the world and see what i can do to push myself as an artist in my various mediums. in my work i like to explore conceptual and creative thinking pieces, as well as ones that just make you laugh...i for one am never afraid to laugh at myself via my artwork

customized commissions are also possible so if there is a piece you would like to have created message me for pricing and time frames